COST Action CA16205

European Network on Understanding Gastrointestinal Absorption-related Processes (UNGAP)

  • Start of Action – 24/10/2017; End of Action – 23/04/2022

  • Theme Abstract

Oral administration is the most common drug delivery route. Absorption of a drug from the gut into the bloodstream involves disintegration of the dosage form, dissolution of the API, and transport across the gut wall. The efficiency of these processes is determined by highly complex and dynamic interactions between the gastrointestinal tract, the dosage form and the API. The fraction absorbed of the drug is affected by various factors including physiological variables, pathological conditions, local differences in gut permeability, the intraluminal behaviour of the formulation, and food effects. This complex interplay determines drug delivery performance and may cause large interindividual variability, but is poorly understood. Furthermore, comparison between drug absorption studies is hampered due to knowledge fragmentation and lack of standardisation across pharmaceutical subdisciplines. As a result, the available knowledge is underutilized in drug development and clinical treatment.The European Network on Understanding Gastrointestinal Absorption-related Processes (UNGAP) is a multidisciplinary Network of scientists aiming to advance the field of intestinal drug absorption by focussing on 4 major challenges: (i) differences between specific patient populations, (ii) regional differences along the gastrointestinal tract, (iii) the intraluminal behaviour of advanced formulations, and (iv) the food-drug interface. The integration of knowledge, combined with the exchange of best practices across sectors and disciplines, will help improve our understanding of intestinal drug absorption and spur future developments in the field. The Action also aims to advance the career of young, talented researchers from across Europe, thereby strengthening Europe’s leading position in pharmaceutical sciences.

  • Action Leadership Positions

    • Action Chair: Prof Patrick AUGUSTIJNS
    • Action Vice Chair: Prof Christos REPPAS
    • WG 2 – Regional differences along the GI tract: Dr Maria VERTZONI 
    • WG 1 – Specific patient populations: Dr Katarina VUCICEVIC
    • WG 3 – Intraluminal behaviour of advanced formulations: Dr Vincent JANNIN
    • WG 4 – Food-drug interface: Prof Maura CORSETTI
    • WG 5 – Dissemination, exploitation and public engagement: Dr Sarinj FATTAH
    • Grant Holder Scientific Representative: Prof Patrick AUGUSTIJNS
    • Science Communication Manager: Dr Sarinj FATTAH
    • STSM Coordinator: Prof Caitriona O’DRISCOLL
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