Major Laboratory Equipment

Prominence Shimadzu HPLC-MS


Two high-pressure solvent delivery units
The LC-20AD pump designed in micro volume double piston technology provides pulsation-free solvent delivery from real micro flow applications up to semi-preparative flow rates. The flow  rate ranges from 0.1 µl/min up to 10 ml/min. The high resolution flow rate setting combined with the small piston stroke volume allows for gradient elution in semi micro range without using an additional flow splitter. The pumps are configured as high resolution (0.1 %) binary- high pressure gradient system.
The module SIL-20AC is equipped with a powerful Peltier Sample Cooler, which allows for keeping the sample temperature down to 4° C.SIL-20A/20AC is capable of handling small injection volumes from 0.1 ml up to 100 ml (2 ml Option) and combines fastest injection speed (10 s for a 10 ml injection) with excellent precision, accuracy and linearity. The autosampler can handle various vial types ( 1, 1.5 ml vials) as well as microtiter plates (96-well).
Column oven
Temperature control range for the CTO-10A extends from RT + 10°C to 85° C.
PDA Detector
The SPD-M20A is the top photodiode-array detector, offering a very low baseline noise of less than 0.35×10–5 AU it is comparable to rather more sensitive common UV detectors. The SPD-M20A can be used for applications from the micro-LC up to preparative LC by changing the flow cell. The thermostated flow cell stabilizes the baseline and avoids temperature-dependent effect in eluents, whose absorbance is temperature dependent.
Fraction collector
The fraction collectors allow fractionating with selectable volume linked to the time programming or automated peak detection. Use of different racks for vials or microtiterplates (standard 96 well plates) is possible. Individual racks can be defined.
Mass detector
The LCMS-2020 is a quadrupole mass spectrometer designed with the aim of speeding up analysis while offering high sensitivity. A sample introduced from the liquid chromatograph is ionized by the atmospheric pressure ionization probe (ESI), and after the sample has been separated in accordance with the mass-to-charge ratios (m/z), detection is performed by the secondary electron multiplier with conversion dynode. The ion signals are amplified and then the analysis results processed by the LCMS data processing software.

Waters Analytical HPLC

The ternary gradient pump, Waters 600 E Multisolvent Delivery System, provides flows up to 10 ml/min. The system enables manual or automatic injection by Rheodyne injection valve or Waters717plus Autosampler, respectively. The system is equipped with Waters 996 PDA Detector and Waters 2410 Differential Refractometer. The columns available involve various reversed-phase, normal phase, ion exchange and chiral columns.


Shimadzu isocratic preparative HPLC

Isocratic preparative HPLC pump LC-8A with mobile phase flow up to 150 ml/min is equipped with manual injection valve Rheodyne. Preparative fraction collector FRC-10A is controlled by operator or by signal from SPD-20A UV detector. Columns available: include normal (silicagel) and RP-18 50×250 mm columns and Asahipack GS-310 multimode GPC column.


Agilent 6890N Network Gas Chromatograph

Agilent 6890N network GC system is equipped with single FID, single split/splitless capillary with EPC, G2613A 7683 injector-autosampler, Agilent Chemstation with G2070A single GC software.




Manufactured by Amersham Biosciences, Sweden

ÄKTApurifier™ is a versatile protein and peptide purification system compatible with any type of chromatographic columns and solvents. This FPLC can operate at maximum flow rate of 10 ml/min with a maximum pressure of 25 MPa, which is sufficient for preparative protein purification on a milligram scale. Our instrument is equipped with a P-903 pump (2 pump modules A and B, including two pump heads each), Monitor UV-900 (able to detect up to three wavelengths simultaneously), Monitor pH/C-900 (measurement of pH and conductivity, pH electrode), and a Frac-920 fraction collector. The system is connected to a PC and controlled by Unicorn 5.11 software.

This instrument is used for the high performance purification of fungal glycosidases and nitrilases (ion exchange chromatography, hydrophobic interaction chromatography, gel filtration, chromatofocusing, affinity chromatography and reversed phase chromatography).

ÄKTAprime™ plus

Manufactured by Amersham Biosciences, Sweden

ÄKTAprime™ plus is a rather simple and user-friendly FPLC for protein chromatography, employing maximum pressure of 1 MPa. The unit is compact and comprises of a system pump, fraction collector, monitors for UV, conductivity and pH. The system is not PC controlled but together with PrimeView™ software it offers continuous real-time monitoring and evaluation of results.

This system is used for the protein purification steps that do not require high operation pressure (ion exchange chromatography, hydrophobic interaction chromatography, affinity chromatography).

Microtitration plate reader Tecan Sunrise

Manufacturer: Tecan (Austria)

Sunrise is a versatile microplate absorbance reader designed for simple analysis of 96-well plates. Sunrise supports a large variety of absorbance based immunoassay protocols (immunometric methods, such as ELISA assays; competitive and homo- or heterogenous immunoassays), kinetic assays or colorimetric cell toxicity assays. The facility is fully automated and controlled by computer using software „Magellan“. The facility enables the measurement at two different wavelength simultaneously, temperate the plates to desired temperature and shake the plates.

Technical parameters
Wavelength range: 340 – 750 nm
Measurement time: single wavelength: 6 seconds, dual wavelength: 8 seconds
Resolution: 0.001 Abs
Plate temperature: from 5 °C above ambient to 42 °C

PCR Thermocycler Biometra Tpersonal

Manufacturer: Biometra (Germany)

The Biometra Tpersonal thermocycler provides maximum performance on minimum space. Thanks to a new generation of Peltier elements, high heating and cooling rates have been achieved leading thus to short run times. This facility is equipped by a combined block for both 0.2 and 0.5 ml tubes.

Technical parameters
Temperature range: –3 – 99 °C
Maximal heating and cooling rate: 3 °C/s
Control accuracy: +/- 0.1 °C
Lid temperature range: 30 – 99 °C

Incubator shaker IKA KS 4000i control

Manufacturer: IKA (Germany)

Technical parameters
Temperature range: 5 °C above ambient to 80 °C
Temperature accuracy: +/- 0.1 °C
Speed range: 10 – 500 rpm
Dimensions: 580×750×520 mm