Czech Science Foundation (GAČR)

  • GA24-10000S 

Glycosylated mycotoxins: their structure, occurrence, preparation and health effects (2024-2026)

Study of galectin-glycan interactions using fluoroglycomimetics (2023-2025)

Role of prenylation and glycosylation patterns in anti-inflammatory activity and metabolism of natural phenolic compounds (2023-2025)

Chemoenzymatic preparation and biological activity of metabolites of food polyphenols (2023-2025)

Chemoenzymatic synthesis of selective multivalent glycomaterials for galectin-4 inhibition (2022-2025)

Free-cyanide determination: new approaches based on enzyme cascades (2022-2024)

Advanced high-molecular-weight glycopolymers as potent inhibitors of galectin-induced pathological processes (2022-2024)

Galectin-3 as a target molecule for the reversal of vascular remodelling in hypoxic pulmonary hypertension (2022-2024)

Metabolites and selected derivatives of food flavonoids – preparation and biological activity (2021-2023)

New glycomimetics for managing of age-related neurodegenerative diseases (2021-2023)

Flavonoids as a unique class of carbon monoxide photoreleasable molecules (2021-2023)

A new chemoenzymatic route from carboxylic acids to nitriles (2020-2022)

Neutral oligosaccharides of human milk as ligands of galectins (2020-2022)

Fungal transglycosidases for the preparation of antimicrobial chitooligosaccharides applicable in crop protection (2020-2022)

Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MŠMT, INTER-COST)

Talking microbes – understanding microbial interactions within One Health framework (2024-2028)

Galectins as biomarkers of pancreatic cancer (2023-2026)

Glycopolymer inhibitors of galectins for immunotherapy (2023-2026)

Enzymatic synthesis of chitooligomers for sustainable zero pesticide agriculture (2023-2026)

Natural products in the modulation of multidrug resistance (2023-2026)

Enzymatic preparation of glyconanomaterials (2020-2023)

Natural polyphenolic compounds for adjunct tumor treatment combined with MDR inhibition (2020-2022)

Library of engineered glycosidases for the preparation of bioactive glycans (2020-2023)

Galectins as biomarkers of colorectal cancer (2019-2022)

Valorization of lignin using fungal oxidases (2019-2022)

Targeted glyco-nanomaterials for diagnosis and therapy of cancer (2019-2022)

Ministry of Health (Czech Health Research Council)

Galectin-positive glioblastoma exosomes: new biomarkers and targets for glycoanotherapeutics (2023-2026)

Cardiovascular effects of flavonoid metabolites and the impact of metabolic risk factors (2021-2024)