COST Action CM0602

  • Start of Action – 07/06/2007; End of Action – 06/06/2011
  • Theme abstract

Inhibitors of angiogenesis: design, synthesis and biological exploitation (ANGIOKEM)

Excessive or insufficient angiogenesis (new blood vessel formation) is connected with many human diseases, cancer included. For effective disease intervention, interdisciplinary approach in the research is necessary. This COST Action focuses on networking of interdisciplinary oriented chemistry and biology researchers who are actively involved in rationale designing and development of small organic compounds with anti-angiogenic properties. Exchanges of information and presentations of experiences and skills from chemical and biological research will be performed for effective introduction, exploitation and improvement of modern methods for development of new angiogenic inhibitors. Meetings, short-term scientific missions, workshops, training schools and conference will ensure the expansion of effective cooperation in the development of new drug candidates.

Keywords: Inhibition of neovascularisation; lead compounds and drug design; treatment of cancer and other diseases; in silico predictions; multivalency in organic synthesis and biology