COST Action CM0804

  • Start of Action – 12/05/2009; End of Action – 11/05/2013
  • Theme Abstract

Chemical Biology with Natural Products

The field of chemical biology has emerged since many biological questions can only be addressed using small molecules that interact with biological systems in a defined manner. In this regard natural products are unique tools to probe the functions of important proteins. The aim of this Action is to advance the use of natural products and their analogues in chemical biology. In order to obtain valuable collections of natural product analogues for use in chemical genetics studies, novel methods and strategies for preparing compound collections having a broad structural diversity will be required. For example, chemical modifications of natural products using collections of enzymes will be studied. Moreover, the development of novel catalytic processes and domino strategies aiming at the efficient construction of alkaloid-like molecules will be a key topic of the Action. Finally, novel tools that allow for target fishing using natural products are urgently needed. In this regard labeling strategies or novel linker systems will be explored. The Action will consist of three Working Groups in order to tackle the above-mentioned challenges. Furthermore, the training of the scientists in the field of chemical biology will be a prime goal of the Action.

Memorandum of Understanding