COST Action CA18229

  • Start of Action – 07/11/2019;   End of Action – 06/11/2023
  • Theme Abstract


Economically viable conversion of low-cost renewable feedstock into biofuels and biochemicals is of utmost importance to the establishment of a robust bioeconomy. In this context, the use of microorganisms for the generation of bioproducts from renewable resources offers many advantages. More specifically, yeasts have great potential to generate industrially relevant compounds from natural sources and wastes in a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly manner.

Non-conventional yeasts are attracting more and more attention owing to their potential to metabolize complex carbon sources, their alternative metabolic routes and their ability to cope with wide range of process conditions. In this context, this Action calls for a strong investment in capacity building through molecular biology, genetic and physiology studies of the non-conventional yeast-derived bioproducts synthesis, which at the moment is relatively scarce. Improving the knowledge on how non-conventional yeasts strains metabolize unusual substrates (carboxylic acids and biomass-derived sugars) or accumulate unusual products (food additives, enzymes, lipids), are fundamental issues to boost the transition to a more sustainable industry based on renewable raw materials.

This Action will bring together an innovative group of researchers with the combination of skills and experience to unravel how non-conventional yeast can be successfully implemented in a biotechnology industry. Besides, the Action will gather European top scientists in the field and thus become an important pillar worldwide. Participants will be given the opportunity to network and collaborate which otherwise will be limited. Furthermore, with the help of the Action, European scientists will set the future standards for research on non-conventional yeasts.