Cell cultures

We focus on cancer cell lines (lung, breast, hepatocyte, and colorectal carcinoma) and fibroblasts as a health control. We perform both microscopic and flow cytometric methods, especially binding inhibition assay (using FACS) [Filipová 2020], wound healing assay, angiogenesis (phase contrast microscopy) [Vrbata 2022], immunofluorescence (fluorescence microscopy) [Heine 2021]. We also test cytotoxicity and proliferation of cells after addition of inhibitors or other substances [Weber 2023]. Furthermore, we detect proteins by Western blot in cell lysates or determine protein expression by qPCR [Sedlář 2021, Vlachová 2023]. In adition, we permanently knock out selected genes using the CRISPR-Cas9 knockout method.


Responsible person: M. Vlachová