Library of fungal glycosidases – new enzymes and application for glycobiological problems

(L. Weignerová, K. Slámová, B.Fliederová, P. Bojarová, L. Petrásková)

This project aimed at , e.g., β-N-acetylhexosami­nidases, α-galactosidases,
α- and β-mannosidases, α-L-rhamnosidase from the fungal strains originating partly
from the Czech Collection of Fungi (CCF). Search for new, yet unknown enzyme activities, e.g.,
α- and β-N-acetylmannosa-midases are .

Interesting enzymes are being (e.g., β-N-acetylhexosami­nidases,

This library of glycosidases comprises now and it is currently expanded. The enzyme library was
partly commercialised and it is crucial source of material in collaborative projects with academic
and industrial partners worldwide.

Enzymes from the library were , e.g., antibiotics, alkaloids, sterically hindered alcohols etc.,
and for discrimination of glycosides of racemic alcohols (link na hexosaminidasy).

95 β-N-Acetylhexosami­nidases and 90 α-galactosidases from 170 different
fungal sources are available for research and industrial purposes.