The ways to N-acetylmannosamine structures via mannoside metabolizing enzymes

B.Fliedrová, Z.Matějčková, K.Křenek, V.Křen

Synthesis of N-acetylmannosamine glycosides and its other derivatives remain still a great challenge for carbohydrate chemists. This carbohydrate is gaining recently high importance as , pathology marker in some bacteria and precursor of (modified) sialic acids. Recently, series of chemical synthesis of ManNAc containing compounds were published but these syntheses are very complicated. To our best knowledge, β-N-acetylmannosidases, which could catalyze the cleavages/enzymatic synthesis of β-ManNAc containing structures, have not been described yet. This project is focused on the searching for enzymes with β-N-acetylmannosidase activities and parallel on the construction of a mutant β-mannosidase with altered biocatalytic abilities, aiming at β-N-acetylmannosidase activity.




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  • GAČR project P207/10/0321: cooperation with group of Doc. RNDr. Michaela Wimmerová, Ph.D. (Masarykova Univerzita, Brno): Modelling of the active site of respective β-D-mannosidase based on the existing crystal structure and construction of a mutant β-D-mannosidase having novel biocatalytic abilities.
  • Bilateral cooperation with Prof. G. Catelani (Univ. Pisa) is focused on the chemistry of ManNAc derivatives that will be used as substrates and inducers for search of N-acetylmannosa­minidase.
  • EU project COST CM0701 project CASCAT (Cascade Chemoenzymatic Reactions) that enables collaborative contacts with ca 20 EU leading groups active in chemoenzymatic procedures.